Katrine Carstens

Creative consultancy and content with a sustainable and ethical twist

Are you a small, ethically minded business with sustainability as a core value, looking for a way to communicate the good work you're doing to your target audience? If so, I can help you.

Whether you're looking for sparkling new content for your website, a dynamic rewrite of existing copy, assistance with your social media outreach or help organising an event - look no further.

I specialise in ethical, sustainable and social awareness issues and can help you create concise and powerful content, rebrand and spread your message to your ideal target audience.

And that isn't all. I can build a well-designed and easy to manage website for you, complete with bespoke content or as a framework for you to fill with your own material.

I have lived and breathed sustainability for many years and can be a one-stop shop for your content, web-design, social media and event management needs.


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Social media can seem a daunting prospective, especially if you're busy running your every day business. There are however serious business benefits to be gained if used effectively. This is where I can help you.

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Twitter can be an incredibly powerful business tool, allowing you to connect with your target market about what matters to them. You can get the style and voice of your brand across, even if you only have 140 characters per Tweet to do that. In this way you can increase awareness of your brand, spread the message of offers and promotions and increase traffic to your website.

Do you need the hassle of daily Twitter management taken off your hands? If so, I can look after your daily tweeting, increase your following and respond to queries and direct messages. This service includes regular contact to keep up to date with your priorities and reports on how your social media presence is doing.


Having an active and engaged Facebook page can be a fantastic asset for your business. On this platform you can share images and more in-depth news about your activities, giving your audience a peek behind the scenes of what happens in your organisation. Over time you can build a loyal community of people who effectively become advocates for your brand by commenting on and sharing your content.

You can also build good relations with other brands in your field or area by sharing their content.

If this all seems a little overwhelming, I can guide you through the process of setting up and managing your Facebook page or indeed take over running this side of things for you. 

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Other platforms

There are a multitude of other social media platforms available, all of them constantly changing. I can help you assess which ones will be of benefit to you and help you manage your outreach.