Katrine Carstens

Creative consultancy and content with a sustainable and ethical twist

Are you a small, ethically minded business with sustainability as a core value, looking for a way to communicate the good work you're doing to your target audience? If so, I can help you.

Whether you're looking for sparkling new content for your website, a dynamic rewrite of existing copy, assistance with your social media outreach or help organising an event - look no further.

I specialise in ethical, sustainable and social awareness issues and can help you create concise and powerful content, rebrand and spread your message to your ideal target audience.

And that isn't all. I can build a well-designed and easy to manage website for you, complete with bespoke content or as a framework for you to fill with your own material.

I have lived and breathed sustainability for many years and can be a one-stop shop for your content, web-design, social media and event management needs.


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Responsible, sustainable, local, conscious, ethical tourism - whatever label you choose to attach to travel as a force for good, I truly believe they have the same overall aim: To create better places to live which in turn creates better places to visit. 

I believe there is a new trend in travel, a new kind of luxury. It is experiential, stylish and conscious of the impact it has on its surroundings. Global wellbeing rather than individual pleasure is the goal and consumers are increasingly starting to expect responsible values from their travel providers.

I have a passion for this sort of travel and love helping clients transform their businesses into more sustainable operations and communicate this message concisely to their target audience.

I'm a contributor to Sublime Magazine, Positive News, LeNews amongst others and blog about the treasures of a sustainable and socially aware world at SusDane.

Examples of my travel writing